Katherine served as an Assistant Professor of Art+Design at North Carolina State University's College of Design from January 2012 to December 2017 until deciding to fully focus on her studio work.  She still maintains a connection with the NC State College of Design and returns to lecture.  In the Fall of 2018, she will be teaching her "Color and Fiber" course, that she developed from her research into color interactions and embroidery, online through NC State's DELTA program for the Art+Design department.

During her time as a full time Assistant Professor, she  developed and taught numerous new courses including the development of a new study abroad program to London in collaboration with the Royal School of Needlework.   During her time as Faculty Director of Art2Wear (2012-2015), she established the Art2Wear Visiting Artist and Lecture Series and organized the Common Thread Symposium enhancing the academic component of the annual Art2Wear Fashion Show through the integration of artist lectures and workshops.  

• Reappointment awarded (tenure mid-review) Spring 2016, full dossier available upon request

• New Courses Developed by Katherine for NC State University's College of Design:

ADN275 Survey of Fibers in Art + Design

ADN273/276 Sewing and Construction

ADN371/311 Sculptural Geometry: Creating Patterns for Fibers Through Draping and Patternmaking

ADN372 Mixed Media Embroidery

ADN372 Traditional Hand Embroidery

ADN373/492 Survey of the Fashion Industry and Design

ADN480 Fibers Product Development Studio

ADN492 Color Theory in Embroidery

ADN492 History of Stitching on the British Isles

• Additional Courses Taught at NC State University's College of Design: : 

ADN273 Fiber Materials and Processes

ADN414 Color and Light

ADN492 Art2Wear Fashion Show Organization and Planning

ADN470 Intermediate Fibers Studio

ADN570 Graduate Fibers Studio

• Faculty Advisor for Art2Wear (NCSU student fashion show), 2012- 2015


UK:  Stitching a Cultural Identity

Katherine received an Internationalization Seed Grant from the NC State University Office of International Affairs to develop a study abroad opportunity with the Royal School of Needlework based at Hampton Court Palace in the UK.  This program launched in Summer 2016 when she took her first group of students to the UK for a 5 week summer abroad program.  Embroidery classes at the Royal School of Needlework were complemented with visits to over 20 special collections, museums, fashion studios and exhibitions coordinated by Katherine.

Check out more here at the program's website:  UK: Stitching a Cultural Identity

Check out this article from the North Carolina State University's Office of International Affairs:  Global Inspiration Through the Art of Hand Embroidery


NC State Art2Wear

Katherine served as Faculty Director for the student organization, Art2Wear, at NC State's College of Design from 2012-2015.  Under her direction, Art2Wear became an integral part of the fibers curriculum in the Art+Design department.  She created a successful series of lectures and workshops and established a greater presence for the student exhibition portion showcasing a larger variety of student work.  She maintained the funding viability of the organization and secured scholarship opportunities to help student's secure the materials and supplies needed to see their dreams to fruition. 

Link to 2014 Art2Wear Program

Link to 2015 Art2Wear Program

Art2Wear Visiting Artist and Lecture Series 2015

-       Jamie Chalmers (a.k.a. Mr. X Stitch), The View from the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, lecture and workshop

-       Catharine Ellis, Learning Natural Dyeing Processes, 3 day workshop

-       Dr. Linda Eaton from Winterthur Museum, Print Design in America and Britain 1750-1850, lecture

-       Jamie Brummitt, 19th Century Mourning Embroidery, lecture

-       Michele Carragher, Embroidering for Game of Thrones and the Costume Design Industry, lecture

-       Jeana Klein, Artist Talk, lecture and workshop

 Art2Wear Visiting Artist and Lecture Series 2014

-       Michael Toschi, Performance Luxury: The Art and Technology of Footwear Design, lecture

-       Heather Allen, Professional Practices for Artists and Designers, workshop

-       Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin, Artist Talk, lecture and workshop

-       Carol Shinn, Painting with Stitch, lecture and demonstration

Art2Wear Visiting Artist and Lecture Series 2013

-       Tim Allen, Extending Product Experience Into a Digital Space, lecture

-       Avroko, Creating Transformative Design Experiences, lecture

-       Natalie Chanin, Artist Talk, lecture

-       Rachel Chow, Working at Speedo, lecture

-       Richard Sinnot, My Career from Harper’s Bazaar to Michael Kors, lecture

-       Cannon Media Group, Styling for Fashion, lecture


Common Thread Symposium

Katherine secured funding and organized the Common Thread Symposium, a 2-day event of lectures and workshops addressing fibers in contemporary art. 

The Common Thread Symposium, November 6-7, 2015

-       Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, The Story of Colours in Textiles and The History and Tradition of the Royal School of Needlework lectures

-       Ilze Aviks, A Reflection on Slow Textiles in a Digital Age lecture and Altering Cloth with Hand Stitching workshop

-       Paula Kovarik, Follow the Thread: An Artist's Journey lecture and Trust the Thread to Tell Your Story workshop

-       Gabriel Duggan, Webwords and Impressions workshop

-       Andrea Donnelly, Art/Craft/Design: The and Practice of a Conceptual Weaver lecture

-       Mary Kircher, Journaling and Woven Collage workshop

-       Precious Lovell, lecture and workshop on the intersections of race, cotton and contemporary art

-       Mackenzie Bullard, Indigo Dyeing workshop

-       Kelly Kye, Folded Star Quilt Block workshop

Check out more here:  Common Thread Symposium