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EGA Diamond Jubilee National Seminar 2018

October 4- 7, 2018:  Lighthouse Landscapes, 4 day contemporary goldwork and applique workshop

More Information at the Seminar Website:  HERE

Lighthouses are an iconic coastal motif and provide endless inspiration for artists. Their images foster feelings of safety, security and hope. In this workshop, students will learn a variety of traditional and non-traditional applique and goldwork embroidery techniques to create their own lighthouse landscape composition. Impressionist coastal landscapes will be discussed and their color mixing studied for inspiration for each student’s unique composition.

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to Jul 8

Arrowmont: Embroidered Landscapes

In this course students create a series of samples and a final embroidered landscape inspired by a photograph or sketch of their own. Color theory, traditional and non-traditional embroidery and direct application techniques are addressed to provide a variety of skills for participants to explore. You will be challenged to discover color in a new way by examining the principles that the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters utilized in their landscapes and then applying these principles to your embroidery. Open to all skill levels.

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